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Video Submission


Videos must contain the following information in the Youtube description to be featured on Angling United.

  1. Location
  2. Date of production
  3. Species targeted
  4. Weather (be as detailed as possible, wind direction, moon phase, post frontal, pre frontal. You can copy and paste from
  5. What times you fished from
  6. Water conditions (clarity, temperature if you have sonar)
  7. How many fish you caught, along with big fish of the day
  8. How many fish you lost
  9. Estimation of how many bites you got on the day
  10. Patterns used (get nerdy about it, talk about how you were finding your bites on the southeast corners of floating docks on the north end of the lake with green pumpkin brush hogs, talk about your justification for using the colors you were, talk about what you were doing and why you were doing it in as much detail as possible.)

Any of the above information that you can include in the video itself is great! This information is required to be posted on Angling United because it virtually guarantees that anyone who watches the video can gain knowledge from it and become a better angler. If you have expensive cameras great! If you have a go pro great! If you are recording from a phone great! As long as you include that info the video can still be informative.

Video Submission

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