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As far back as I can remember I have been obsessed with fishing. My passion started with trout fishing but when I caught my first bass all of that changed. I quickly fell in love with bass and devoted all of my time as a kid and now all my spare time as an "adult" to those green fish and bronze backs. There is something about the hookset for me, its the biggest adrenaline rush hearing your topwater being smashed or your jig being thumped and setting the hook into a heavy fish. It is my drug and nothing else compares to it for me. My goal every time I'm out fishing is to find the pattern and find the big ones. Sure there are slow days but those slow days only make me a better angler because it develops the patience needed to be a great angler and makes you slow down for once instead of power fishing and say "Ok what do these fish want". My go to techniques are flipping a jig or a Texas rig finding where the monsters are hiding. I also love a good topwater bite in the summer and fall, but, my favorite pattern to fish is ripping a lipless crank in and out of the weeds. It is power fishing at its best! Another favorite pattern of mine is dropshotting because it is slow, methodical and it takes patience. I'm new to the tournament angling scene as of 2016 and plan to continue it and see where it takes me. So lets learn how to be better anglers together!


Rick Faubert Places 3rd in a Tournament on ...

Jul 06, 2016No Comments

Watch as Angling United team member Rick Faubert places third in a team tournament on Merrill Creek Reservoir!